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How long do you think the brake pads on your vehicle should last, year, two?

The real answer to how long brake pads can last will vary from vehicle to vehicle and from driver to driver. For example, if you intend to drive in city or in a lot of traffic, you will wear the brake pads a lot faster then person who drives on long distance and highways. Also “riding your brakes”, which basically means your consistently pressing and depressing the brakes. That will also wear you brakes faster.

But typically manufacture offer a wide range for the effective “life” of their brake pads, anywhere between 25,000 and 65,000 miles. Another way if you notice your brake pedal is getting smooshy, or not stopping like it supposed to, or hearing squeaking while pressing the breaks. These are few signs that you might need brakes. If you do, bring it to JD Garage Auto Repairs and take advantage with our FREE brake inspections.


Why is my steering wheel shaking when I press the brake?

Usually this is a sign that your rotors are warped, hot spotted, uneven. This is caused by heat that is create from the pad over time. So every time you press on the brakes the pads are no longer hitting a smooth area on the rotors and it will create the vibration in the steering.



Why is my car not blowing hot air?

This issue could be caused in multiple reasons. For example: low on coolant, bad thermostat, bad heater core. These are the major items that are common for not having hot air being blowed from the vent.


Why is there a engine symbol or check engine light on my dash?

When the light comes on, it could be something minor as a bad gas cap to something serious in the engine. It’s never a good idea to ignore this symbol. At least get it scanned and see what code the computer is signaling as a problem. We do offer a free scan, bring it buy and let’s make sure it’s nothing serious that will end up costing you more if you ignore it.


How will I know if my alternator is bad or what signs will alternator show when it fails?

Main signs that can indicates you have a bad alternator, battery symbol on the dash, lights are dimming, having to constantly to jump starting the battery, or malfunction accessories. These are usually the common symptoms that could be caused by bad alternator. 

Why is there a white smoke coming from under the hood?

There could be multiple answers for this, few common ones are either the car is over heating or very bad oil leak. Either way these are two major issues that needs attention immediately. One way to figure out is check the fluids. Just make sure you let the car cool down for a little bit before checking fluids, especially the coolant system. As it could cause burn or serious injuries.

Why is there a red teapot light or oil light on the dash?

This usually means your low on oil. First thing you will need to check the oil level. You can reference back to the owner’s manual as of how to check the oil level or you can always give us a call and we will be glad to assist you with this process. Now this is something you don’t want to ignore and it can damage the internal parts in the engine.

Why is my car sputtering when I step on the gas?

There is multiple reasons for this issue. Most common ones will be misfire or faulty plugs, problem in the fuel system, bad mass air flow sensor, or bad catalytic convertor.

Why do signal lights blink faster sometimes?

The common issue is you have burned bulb. When a bulb burns out, the voltage load drops which makes the bulb to flash faster.


When should I replace my timing belt?

Most manufactures recommend changing your timing belt between 80k to 100k miles. That being said the timing belt doesn’t give any signs of wear and tear, it just breaks. That’s why its important to make sure the timing belt is replaced. This will also avoid serious damages to the motor which could cost a lot of money.

You should reference back to the vehicles owner’s manual. There, you will find the manufacture’s recommendation for when to change the timing belt.

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